Carry out your own doctoral project in Pediatric Hematology / Immunology / Oncology

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We are inviting applications for enthusiastic and talented doctoral candidates interested in cutting-edge translational science serving children with rare diseases of the blood and immune system. Our international laboratory maintains a global alliance of clinicians and scientists and elucidates the genetic etiology and pathomechanisms of genetic disorders (e.g. see Witzel M et al. Nat Gen 2017, Kotlarz D et al. Nat Gen 2018, Li Y et al. PNAS 2020, Fan Y et al. J Clin Invest 2022, Linder M et al. BLOOD 2022). This involves genomic sequencing as well as imaging and proteomic data analysis in close collaboration with data scientists. Of particular relevance is disease modelling in iPSC-derived organoids (e.g. IP-protected technology to differentiation bone fide bone marrow organoids) as well as molecular and cellular studies.

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